Wimp synonym? (2024)

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What is a synonym for being a wimp?

deserter. faint-of-heart. faintheart. fraidy-cat. gutless wonder.

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What is British slang for wimp?

Melt (noun)

A slang word used in London youth culture for years that was made famous by the reality TV show 'Love Island,' a 'melt' is someone who is a wimp or a coward.

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What is a fancy word for weak?

adj.deficient, feeble. adj.exposed, vulnerable. adj.watered-down.

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What's a fancy word for weirdo?

eccentric. nounperson who is bizarre, unusual. beatnik. character. freak.

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What is a synonym for soft skills?

Soft skills, which some also describe as people skills or interpersonal skills, are the social skills, personality traits, and behaviors that allow an employee to work with others and contribute to a team.

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What is the word for being soft?

comfortable, comfy, creamy, delicate, easy, elastic, flexible, fluffy, mushy, plastic, pliable, rounded, silky, smooth, spongy, supple, thin, velvety, bland, cool.

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What is a slang for a weak person?

sissy, namby-pamby, wuss (slang), chinless wonder (British, informal), dastard (archaic)

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What is a synonym for thin and weak?

puny. adjective. a puny person or animal is small, thin, and weak.

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What is another word for fragile or weak?

Some common synonyms of fragile are brittle, crisp, frangible, and friable.

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What is a word to describe a crazy person?

insane, kooky, mad, nuts, nutty, silly, wacky, absurd, bizarre, foolish, goofy, irresponsible, ludicrous, odd, outrageous, preposterous, ridiculous, strange, weird, hysterical.

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What is the slang word for crazy?

bonkers (slang, mainly British) loopy (informal) crackpot (informal) barking mad (slang) crackbrained.

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How would you describe soft and hard skills?

Soft skills are those skills that come naturally and uniquely to everyone. Soft skills include leadership, effective communication, teamwork, time management, motivation and adaptability. On the other hand, hard skills are those that are gained through hands-on experience, training, or education.

Wimp synonym? (2024)
Is it OK to say soft skills?

When discussing reports and research on skills, avoid adopting or repeating any use of 'soft' skills. Even saying “so-called 'soft' skills” keeps the term in circulation. When discussing specific skills, use specific skill words, like communication skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills.

What is a strong soft skill?

Which soft skills are most important for employers? The most important soft skills which employers value are: emotional intelligence, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, conflict resolution, flexibility, leadership and interpersonal skills.

What word means soft and gentle?

affable, amiable, benign, compassionate, considerate, cool, genial, humane, mellow, moderate, placid, pleasant, quiet, soft, tame, tender, calm, delicate, mild, muted.

What is a soft girl called?

Soft girl or Softie describes a youth subculture that emerged among teenagers around mid-to late-2019. Soft girl is a fashion style, popular among some young women on social media, based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine look with a girly girl attitude.

What is another word for soft delicate?

2 breakable, brittle, flimsy, frangible, weak; feeble, slight, tender. 5 exact, precise, accurate, true. 6 sensitive, touchy, tricky. 7 discerning, discriminating, perceptive.

What do you call a mentally weak person?

synonyms for weak-minded

changeable. hemming and hawing. hesitant. hesitating. indeterminate.

What do you call a no good person?

no-goodnik. slacker. vagrant. tramp. ne'er-do-well.

What do you call someone with no value?

inferior and worthless. negligible, paltry, trifling. not worth considering. nugatory. of no real value.

What is a euphemism for thin?

"Healthy" is the latest euphemism for thin.

What is a synonym for weak and delicate?

See definition of fragile on Dictionary.com. adj.breakable, dainty.

What is a synonym for thin called?

Synonym Chooser

Some common synonyms of thin are slender, slight, slim, and tenuous.

What do you call a fragile person?

wishy-washy. milk-and-water. namby-pamby. craven. pliable.

What are synonyms for weakened?

synonyms for weakened
  • depleted.
  • exhausted.
  • sluggish.
  • weak.
  • drained.
  • faint.
  • groggy.
  • unsteady.

What is a smart crazy person called?

brainiac. noun. informal humorous someone who is extremely clever.

What is a power crazy person called?

A megalomaniac is a pathological egotist, that is, someone with a psychological disorder with symptoms like delusions of grandeur and an obsession with power. We also use the word megalomaniac more informally for people who behave as if they're convinced of their absolute power and greatness.

What is another word for mentally crazy?

1 (in nontechnical usage) insane, psychopathic, mentally ill; mad, disturbed, deranged, demented, non compos mentis. 2 loony, crazy, nutty, nuts, bonkers; kooky, cuckoo, daft, batty, screwy, potty.

What are Gen Z slang words?

Gen Z slang explained
  • Glow-up: Think of this term as a way of describing how someone improved from where they used to be.
  • Slay: This word means to do something well or to do a good job.
  • Bet: Bet is a way of saying “yes” or “OK” or “it's on.”
  • Vibing: Gen Z is big on vibes.
Dec 12, 2022

What do British people call crazy people?

Loony/Loopy – A mad or crazy person.

What are 10 slang words?

Common American Slang Words
  • Awesome (Adjective)
  • Cool (Adjective)
  • Sure (Adjective)
  • Beat (Adjective)
  • Whatever (Noun)
  • Wheels (Noun)
  • Amped (Adjective)
  • Babe (Noun)
Jan 5, 2023

What is a grumpy person called?

Grouch quickly spawned a verb, as well as the accompanying adjective grouchy. Today, we use grouch more commonly as a noun to refer to a person who is habitually in a bad mood, and this is the sense that inspired the naming of both Oscar and Groucho.

What is a weak person called?

An ineffectual or cowardly person. weakling. wimp. sissy. coward.

How do you call someone a coward?

synonyms for coward
  1. wimp.
  2. alarmist.
  3. baby.
  4. chicken.
  5. craven.
  6. cur.
  7. dastard.
  8. deserter.

How do you say coward in slang?

  1. wimp (informal)
  2. chicken (slang)
  3. scaredy-cat (informal)
  4. yellow-belly (slang)

What to call someone who has mood swings?

Someone with erratic moods is moody — you could also call them temperamental or changeable.

What do you call someone who gets offended easily?

hypersensitive. adjective. very easily upset or offended.

What's another word for bitter person?


5 fierce, cruel, ruthless, relentless. 7 acrimonious, caustic, biting, sardonic, scornful.

What are mentally weak people called?

Lacking determination, decisiveness or emotional strength. irresolute. indecisive. hesitant. uncertain.

What is the Old English insult for coward?


We might think there's a double-entendre in prick your face (there isn't) and completely miss the actual insult: lily-livered. Lily-livered means “cowardly,” and it has its origins in medieval physiology.

What is an emotional coward?

Finally, there is the emotional coward. They choose not to feel so they won't suffer. They see emotions as a complication and their solution is to run away from them. Others may not understand them, but those who flee from fear, sadness, affection, or anger have their reasons.

Who lacks confidence and is coward?

A poltroon is a coward. Poltroons have a lack of courage and fortitude. Poltroon is an old-fashioned word for a type of person that exists in every time period: a coward. If you behave in a way that shows no courage or confidence, you're acting like a poltroon.

What is the opposite of dull?


1 sharp, keen. 2 interesting. 7 bright.

What are medieval words for coward?

The Old French coart (or cuart) came to England in the 13th century, where it became cuard or couard and, eventually, coward. Coart was also the name of a particularly lily-livered character in medieval literature.

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