What is the maximum energy in June's journey? (2024)

What is the maximum energy in June's journey?

The energy bar holds a maximum of 110 energy by default, but it can be increased.

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How do you get unlimited energy in June's journey?

There are several ways to get more:
  1. Energy automatically regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes, until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is sometimes awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Sometimes you can get bonus Energy after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

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How much energy do you get from the lighthouse in June's journey?

Once the Lighthouse is fully restored at level 20 it will generate one energy passively every 40 minutes with a maximum capacity of 15 energy.

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How many levels does Junes journey have?

June's Journey is a mystery game that is targeted at females who love the genre, where you have to spot certain items in a crowded picture. In an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said, “We will start with 20 chapters of content, and we will launch a new chapter every single week.

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What is the best strategy for June's journey?

Hidden Object Tips and Tricks in June's Journey - YouTube

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How do I get more diamonds June's journey?

There are several ways to get them:
  1. You can buy Diamonds in the Shop.
  2. When you remove trees and stones from Orchid Island.
  3. Sometimes they are found in Star Boxes.
  4. Diamonds are occasionally awarded as bonuses for finishing Hidden Object Scenes (but very rarely)

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How often does the estate generate coins in June's journey?

The Estate is a building on Orchid Island that provides flowers and generates one coin every 10 minutes with a maximum capacity of 60 coins.

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How old is June Parker in June's journey?

June's Storyline

June is in her early 30's.

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Does June marry Jack?

Jack and June

They remained best friends, but his love for her never died. Nevertheless, he supported June's marriage to Nicholas Bennett and comforted her after her divorce.

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What are the 5 landmarks in June's journey?

List of Landmarks in order of repair
  • Lighthouse.
  • Wedding Chapel.
  • Pirate Ship.
  • Mountain Chateau.
  • Aviary.

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Will there be a Volume 6 in June's journey?

Look for Volume 6 to begin on March 17th! This story is going places you never thought possible! Stay tuned for more!

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Is there a June's Journey 2?

Volume 2, Chapter 1: Les Années Folles is available now! Paris, 1922. A younger June reunites with an old friend who shares some unexpected news.

What is the maximum energy in June's journey? (2024)
What year is June's journey set in?

In June's Journey June Parker, a New-Yorker living in London, returns to her family's home on Orchid Island in 1927 when her sister Clare and brother-in-law Harry die under suspicious circ*mstances.

How do you cheat on spot the difference?

How to Cheat at "Spot the Difference" Photo Games : Also a Gimp Tutorial

Can you join more than one club in June's journey?

No club can ever have more.

How many Flowers do you need for each level in June's journey?

Volume 1
ChapterLevelFlowers needed
6 - Finding Virginia30.5-
7 - June and Virginia31+475
116 more rows

What is a bar of energy in June's journey?

The extended Energy Bar is a unique offer in the Energy Shop. It permanently extends your Energy Bar to hold 150 Energy, instead of 110. Your bar will still refill at the same RATE, but the bar now holds more. When you buy the extended bar, you also receive a 3x refill (450 Energy in total) as a one-time bonus.

What are the keys for in June's journey?

When you collect enough keys in the challenges, you will earn the first round of prizes. Keep playing to earn even bigger rewards, including 2 Compasses!

How do you get flowers fast in June's journey?

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.

What are the gold stars used for in June's journey?

As you earn more Stars, the following things will happen: The Adventure Scene at the end of the chapter unlocks. New decorations and buildings unlock in the shop. New areas of Orchid Island can be uncovered.

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