How to get more flowers in june's journey? (2024)

How to get more flowers in june's journey?

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.

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How many Flowers do you need for each level in June's journey?

Volume 1
ChapterLevelFlowers needed
6 - Finding Virginia30.5-
7 - June and Virginia31+475
116 more rows

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How do you cheat on June's journey?

Hidden Object Tips and Tricks in June's Journey - YouTube

(BlackCat Videos)
How do you get Flowers out of storage in June's journey?

Whenever you want to take decorations off your island, whether if it's for a while or for the whole season, you just need to open your Storage and throw them in there! Once you've stored a decoration, you can go back to the Storage at any moment and tap or drag on a decoration to return it to your island.

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How do you get unlimited energy in June's journey?

There are several ways to get more:
  1. Energy automatically regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes, until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is sometimes awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Sometimes you can get bonus Energy after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

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How do you get Flowers fast in June's journey?

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.

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How long does it take to complete June's journey?

“On average, it will take a week for one player to go through the content, and with this update schedule, we're ensuring the average player will never run out of content,” Begemann said. Above: June's Journey has dense scenes where you have to find objects.

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How do you get a perfect June's journey?

Completing a Hidden Object Scene PERFECT-ly means you found all the objects with a maximum bonus multiplier, without miss-tapping anywhere, and without using any hints. You probably got a killer score and also a 10-Coin bonus award, too! Well done!

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Can you join more than one club in June's journey?

No club can ever have more.

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What is magic eye technique?

Magic Eye: The optical illusion, explained - YouTube

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Why am I stuck on decorate in June's journey?

Scenes unlock as you progress in June's Journey. If a scene is still locked, your Flower level might be too low, or you might not have collected all clues in the previous scene. Or both. For example, to unlock Scene 3, you need to be Flower Level 3 and you must have found BOTH clues in Scene 2.

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Is there more than one island on June's journey?

The Orchid Archipelago will be available once you've unlocked all regions on Orchid Island. How do I unlock more islands? More islands will be released as the story continues. When new islands are released, they will unlock whenever the last region on your current island is unlocked.

How to get more flowers in june's journey? (2024)
Is there another island after snowdrop island in June's journey?

After Snowdrop Island is also freed from clouded areas the next Island, Marigold Island, will be unlocked.

What is the maximum energy in June's journey?

The energy bar holds a maximum of 110 energy by default, but it can be increased.

What is increased capacity in June's journey?

It permanently extends your Energy Bar to hold 150 Energy, instead of 110. Your bar will still refill at the same RATE, but the bar now holds more. When you buy the extended bar, you also receive a 3x refill (450 Energy in total) as a one-time bonus.

How do you get a high score in June's journey competition?

June's Journey

Max out your score by keeping your “bonus bar” multiplier as high as you can. Pro tip - using the hint button to find the last item can lead up to 50,000 points difference in your final score. If your bonus bar is maxed at 9x, use that last hint if you need it, rather than letting the bonus bar expire!

How do the Flowers work in June's journey?

Earn Flowers by placing decorations on Orchid Island, by placing and upgrading buildings, and by restoring landmarks. The amount of Flowers a decoration or building awards is displayed with the item in the shop, next to the Flower symbol.

How do I get more compasses in June's journey?

You can find Compasses in Star Boxes, and sometimes they are awarded as bonuses for playing Hidden Object Scenes. They may also be purchased with Diamonds or real currency in special sales. They are quite rare however, so you may have to play for quite a while to collect them!

How do you improve Orchid Island in June's journey?

As you progress in the game, you help June restore and revive the island by placing and upgrading buildings, using decorations, and even restoring important landmarks. Let your imagination run wild! As you do this you'll earn Flowers, and they will help you unlock new chapters and scenes.

What are the tips used for in June's journey?

☕️ In the Detective Lounge, your generosity is rewarded! When someone drinks a beverage you served in the Café, you get Tips. These silver tokens can be used to buy bonuses from the Tip Shop, marked by the green shopping bag in the bottom left corner of the Café.

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