Can I grow peonies in Phoenix? (2024)

How do you grow peonies in the desert?

Desertpeonies have very nectar-rich flowers that attract lots of feeders, especially butterflies. They can grow in full sun to bright shade, though part sun is probably ideal for flower development. Moderate to regular water is best, and good drainage is important for some of these species.

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Can you grow peonies in Phoenix Arizona?

Fabulous Fall Flowers at SummerWinds!

Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas are also difficult to grow in the Metro Phoenix Area. However, we have some alternatives you're certain to enjoy! Peonies - Weather in the Valley of the Sun makes it difficult to successfully grow peonies but we love them too!

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Can I grow peonies in the high desert?

High Mountain Desert and the West Coast areas see phenomenal success with peonies if they pay attention to these critical watering periods. Growing Zones are Vitally Important.

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Can peonies survive in Arizona?

These cold-hardy perennials grow in temperatures as low as -20 degrees; they even grow in the most frigid north-facing gardens of Arizona. Peonies can hold their own with the most beautiful tropical flowers, but with far better fragrance.

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Can peonies survive in the desert?

This plant also can grow in desert gardens, but does best in the upper desert regions or in the low desert in fertile soil and filtered shade.

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Can peonies tolerate heat?

Peonies that withstand the heat: Peonies grow best in cool climates (Hardiness zones 3-8). They need a pronounced period of winter chilling (to induce dormancy) and not too much heat and humidity during the blooming season in order to flower well.

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Do peonies like hot sun?

Peonies need at least 6 to 8 hours of sun each day, though some protection from hot afternoon sun in zones 8-9 is helpful. Choosing an area with good air circulation is essential as well, to help prevent fungal diseases. Peonies grow best in slightly moist, well-drained soil.

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Where should you not plant peonies?

Plant your peony in an area that gets 6-8 hours of sun per day. Peonies will bloom in part shade, but they don't thrive like the peonies that are planted in full sun. If you live in Zone 7 or 8, your peonies would appreciate some shade, but will still bloom even if they don't get it.

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Do peonies grow better in pots or ground?

(Too much shade will produce foliage and little or no peony bloom). Peony plants grow best in the ground; however, some gardeners are planting a peony or two in large patio pots. Use an ample sized container of 10 - 15 gallons or larger for best results, as the roots of a peony grow rather large.

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How do you grow peonies in AZ?

Grow peony plants in a soil that is fertile and well-drained, with a pH of 6.0 – 7.0, or as acidic a possible in the Arizona mountains. Planting Peony Plants: Through March, all you'll see is the rebirth of the crown popping through the soil. Each plant is actively growing in April with flower buds soon to follow.

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Can peonies get too much sun?

Peonies will survive in partial shade, but it will be much happier and have more flowers if given eight or more hours of direct sunlight. The plant is too young. Peonies bloom very little, if at all, in the first year or two after they are planted.

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Are peonies drought tolerant?

While mature peony plants are rather drought tolerant, we like to give them a nice, deep watering occasionally throughout the summer (unless we have some very good rainfalls). We water our baby peonies (1st and 2nd year plants) more often, as they are growing nice roots for dividing stock when they reach two years old.

Can I grow peonies in Phoenix? (2024)
Can I grow hydrangeas in Phoenix?

Hydrangeas do well in full Arizona shade to the partial shade provided by tall trees, especially if they receive morning sun with partial shade from the afternoon's heat.

What state is best to grow peonies?

In the U.S., most peonies are grown in states north of South Carolina and Texas. Some varieties can grow farther south but they rarely bloom because winter temperatures are not low enough for flower buds to develop properly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) explains.

Can peonies live 100 years?

Peonies stand the test of time—lasting years, decades or even a century when undisturbed. “Peony is a good example of a flowering perennial that often outlives its original caregiver,” says Trinklein.

What is the lifespan of peonies?

Peonies can thrive and bloom for 100 years if planted properly. My own stand of peonies has been in place for more than 70 years. They never fail to bloom with abundance.

Can you leave peonies in the ground over winter?

Don't fret – peony plants love cold winters. Tree peony leaves will also deteriorate and need to be removed from the branches and ground. The branches on a tree peony are not cut down in the fall – leave them standing, bare naked for the winter.

What is the hardiest peony?

Paeonia 'Blaze' (Peony)

Extremely vigorous, Peony 'Blaze' is an eye-catching Hybrid Peony that will set your spring garden ablaze with its fiery scarlet-red flowers. The large single blossoms boast 2 or 3 rows of slightly wavy petals which surround a center packed with golden-yellow stamens.

Do peonies multiply?

The only way to multiply peony plants is to divide peonies. This might sound complicated, but it's not. First, you need to use a sharp spade and dig around the peony plant. Be very careful not to damage the roots.

Will peonies grow in Zone 9?

Site Selection. Tree peonies grow well in zones 4-9. They need to be deeply planted, and have excellent drainage in the soil. First, tree peonies should be planted where there is little competition from the roots of large trees or shrubs.

Can peony grow in Las Vegas?

Can we grow them? A: Peonies do well when they experience a period of pronounced winter chill; we seldom have that here, so that is why you don't see them. However, there are folks who plant them in pots and take them to friends' homes at Mount Charleston for the winter and bring them back in the spring.

Can you grow peonies in Tucson Arizona?

Mother Nature made an exception with mountain peony plants. Cold hardy to below -20 degrees, they grow even in the most frigid north-facing gardens in Arizona. Peonies can hold their own with even the most beautiful tropical flowers, but with far better fragrance.

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